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It is disappointing to know that the home you establish through hard work and labor can slowly aggravate your family's health condition. The supposed "comfort zone" for you and your family may become one of the most dangerous places to live. The home you dreamed of for many years become a hazardous place to your loved ones. This is just a common problem that we often overlook. We clean our house on a daily basis, disinfect the floor, walls and furniture and even change our curtains and bedding everyday, but we always forget something. Our appliances that should be providing us with comfort can do just the opposite. Yes, your cooling and heating system units emit harmful contaminants and allergens that can trigger various health conditions. These allergens will definitely cause anaphylactic shock/attack to people with allergic reactions towards dust, pollen, mold, and spores. Aside from bringing health risks, clogged duct vents can also cause fire accidents as they trigger overheating.

Clean air ducts ensure that the air in both residential and commercial environment remain conducive. Energy consumption by the heating and cooling systems is efficient and therefore no extra cost is incurred on energy. Quality air duct cleaning tools are required to ensure that the ducts are efficiently used.

Heat Seal Equipment, Ltd. is a company based in Ontario and for the last three decades, has been on the front line in manufacturing quality air duct cleaning tools. They manufacture tools and equipment such as vacuums, compressors, etc., using high quality materials that lead to quality products.

Dryer vent cleaning tools are among the variety of cleaning tools that are manufactured by several companies in North America. They are also manufactured in different continents with application varying and ranging from one industry to another. Dryer vent cleaning tool is a standardized tool that is made for general uses, and there are those manufactured with specific design and application. They can be used for curing, drying and annealing equipment. The customized system of equipment is made to fit the demands of the customer and clients in accordance to the production demands in the market.

There are many considerations that customers and clients put in before considering the acquisition of given equipment. The price of the equipment, the application and temperature requirements form the basis from which the customer can choose the type of the equipment to be made. The engineers invigorate the dryer vent cleaning with aluminum constriction, and this is coupled with varying thickness. The varying thickness is dependent on the temperature ranges required by the customer.


Air duct cleaning tools are important as cooling and heating systems are one of the topmost causes of fire related incidents globally. Overheating happens once our duct vent hoards too much contaminant and eventually clogs the entire duct vent areas.  Contaminants such as mold, dusts, plastic lint, bacteria and debris can bring health hazard especially to people with asthma and allergic rhinitis. It can exacerbate health conditions related to allergies.