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4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Insulation Blowing Machine

August 13, 2020

A good quality insulation blowing machine can last for more than a decade and continue to perform exceptionally. However, it will eventually be susceptible to wear and tear over time.


When your machine is starting to slow down your operations, you should have professional technicians to take a look at its condition. Here are four indicators that will help you know when to call them:


Does Not Process Your Insulation Material Properly

An insulation blowing machine can process and cultivate insulation materials with a single blade. This mechanism can deliver exceptional torque, which allows it to handle substantial insulation masses and keep them soft enough for the blower to use. If your insulation material frequently clogs the blower pathway, it's highly likely the machine's blade isn't working well.

Weak and Inconsistent Blowing Capabilities

An insulation blowing machine has similar mechanisms to an air compressor. However, it delivers just enough torque to apply your insulating material to a surface quickly. Similar to air compressors, any loss of pressure is indicative of possible air leaks or clogged filters. If some insulation material made its way inside the machine, you might need a technician's help to de-clog and restore your blower's capabilities.

Frequent Shutdowns

Even newly-purchased insulation blowers can experience shutdowns because of minor electronics or motor issues. Most blowers have a mechanical equipment-protective shutdown mechanism, especially advanced ones. However, frequent shutdowns that surpass more than one per day of your operations is a sign that the machine needs replacing. 

In Use For More Than Ten Years

If you've been using it for more than ten years, your blower is likely to show symptoms of its age. While some exceptional models might stand firm and resilient, others will have amplified symptoms that require the help of technicians to find and resolve accordingly.

Find The Best Replacements From Excellent Manufacturers

If you have yet to find dependable manufacturers of excellent insulation blowing machines, you can count on Heat Seal Equipment's exceptional roster. Contact us today to learn more.