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Most Important Criteria For Improving Insulation Blowing Machine Performance

October 13, 2023

When it comes to effectively installing insulation on a property, an insulation-blowing machine is an ideal choice. A staple used by most professional installation crews, these machines can get the task done in a short span of time with extreme accuracy. However, just like any equipment, insulation-blowing machines can also lose efficiency or malfunction with prolonged use. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a trusted manufacturer and supplier of air duct cleaning tools and insulation-related equipment, explores why this occurs and how it can be solved.


Why Insulation Blowing Machines Malfunction?


Most insulation-blowing machines, given enough time, can become somewhat ineffective in their function, particularly the shredding process. Before blowing the insulation on the walls of the attic, they also have to be shredded properly for even application. However, after some years of use, the insulation-blowing machine doesn’t shred as well as it used to, creating clumps or small balls of insulation. This is known as the snowballing effect and is most commonly observed with fibreglass insulation. The main culprit behind this phenomenon is improper shredding, wherein the insulation is not pulled apart to the required degree.


The Solution


The best way to solve this issue is by examining and repairing the shredding system in the insulation blower from time to time. Or, one can go even further and invest in a dedicated shredding machine, which pulls apart the insulation ahead of time. Then, it can be easily blown as required without creating the snowball effect. Not only will this prevent hassles during installation, but it also ensures efficient usage of insulation, making it a cost-effective investment in the long run.


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