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4 Crystal Clear Signs It's Time To Find New Duct Cleaning Rods

October 16, 2020

Duct cleaning rods are a necessary tool that every duct cleaning company should invest in. Your staff use them on a daily basis when providing your duct cleaning and maintenance services.

Here are four crystal clear signs it's time to find new duct cleaning rods:

Bristles Are Starting To Come Off

All duct cleaning rods have bristles that work hard to remove residue. Newly-used ones have their bristle sets intact, but over time and constant use, you might start to see vacant pores on your rods. Often, your cleaning rods need to work hard when removing numerous stubborn debris and sediments that won't come off the ducts. When you're noticing numerous pores appearing and bristles disappearing, it's time to replace your rods soon. 

Bending and Scattering

Brand-new duct cleaning brushes have straight bristles. The bristles are essential in removing hard-to-displace sediments and debris. However, employees will likely press the brush against these surfaces to remove the debris in the best way possible. Doing this will result in the inevitable bending and scattering of bristles. If you're applying more pressure to remove dirt, then maybe it's time to replace your cleaning rods.

Debris Won't Wash Off

Bristles can bend and scatter and over time, you or your employees might notice that the debris refuses to come off the rods. Even with extensive washing and use of strong chemicals, debris might be impossible to remove. When this happens, it's time to replace your existing cleaning tools.

In Use For More Than Three Years

Most duct cleaner rods have a lifespan of three years. Working beyond their manufacturer-estimated lifespan will yield mixed results in your daily operations. Make sure to replace them immediately by then.

Get The Best Cleaning Rods From Dependable Suppliers

When it comes to cleaning rods, you can always count on Heat Seal Equipment LTD. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing the best tools for cleaning, you can depend on us with everything you need. Contact us today.