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3 Do’s And Don’ts Of Air Duct Cleaning

September 19, 2023

Air duct cleaning is a regular phenomenon in most residential and commercial buildings. Numerous air duct cleaning equipment is used for this purpose, ranging from duct cleaning vacuum to cleaning rods and more. However, before understanding these machines, it's essential to comprehend the fundamental do’s and don’ts of air duct cleaning, which will be addressed in this blog.



Fundamentals Of Air Duct Cleaning





Know The Signs


Before opting for air duct cleaning, it's fundamental to know that your system is due for cleaning. Check if the house’s cleanliness has deteriorated, as in, more prevalence of dust and debris. Another telltale sign is your health. If sinus infections and allergies are running rampant, then it is time to clean up with the aid of air duct cleaning equipment.


Test Air Quality


There are numerous home testing kits available that can test air quality at home. This will offer a concise measurement of air quality, and you make a decision on whether to call professionals or not.


Prevent Debris Buildup


Even though professionals thoroughly clean the air ducts using duct cleaning vacuum, over time, the build-up of dust and debris is inevitable. This can be reduced significantly by cleaning the air filters regularly preventing any buildup.




Cleaning By Yourself


Even with the right tools at your disposal, you might lack the experience of professional duct cleaners. Therefore, cleaning yourself can result in incomplete work, and can consequently diminish the quality of your HVAC system in the long run.


Waiting Too Long For Cleaning


While budget constraints are understandable, waiting too long to clean your ducts can result in major problems down the road. Therefore, it's ideal to get it cleaned by professionals at the first sign of mould, dust or debris in the air. 

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