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5 Steps To Use Duct Cleaning Rods Efficiently

January 21, 2022

A dirty and clogged-up air duct can be a huge potential hazard to any home or property, as clogged air creates pressure that results in fires and duct damages. Therefore, proper duct cleaning is essential to keep your property safe from fires and airborne diseases. One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to regularly clean and maintain your air ducts using duct cleaning rods and other equipment.


To help you further here’s a detailed process of using duct cleaning rods for duct maintenance.



Locate Exhaust Opening Location

In most homes, you can easily find the opening location of the exhaust. However, it can be a complex and jointed system with twists and turns in some cases. If you're dealing with a complicated duct system, consult your residential blueprint to find your duct opening and exit.


Fully Disconnect The Duct

Firstly, remove the vent fan's plug. If there are multiple fans in your system, then it's best to remove them from their sockets as well. Next, detach them all from the vent pipes if possible. Doing this ensures that you can safely use cleaning chemicals to remove stubborn, caked dirt if required.


Thoroughly Use Your Duct Cleaning Rods 

Nylon vent rods are fully compatible with a great number of soft and hard-bristled brush heads. Thus, your objective is to remove stubborn dirt using your handheld cleaning rods. Scrub hard and remove small fragments easily by dousing the vent's insides with an ample detergent and water mix. For best results, you can dip the rod in soapy water to soften caked dirt.


Use a Complete Duct Cleaning Kit If Required

You might need a complete kit to remove stubborn dirt and debris. Fortunately, high-quality suppliers, such as Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., can provide you with reliable air duct cleaning equipment kits to completely eliminate clogging in your air ducts.


Reconnect The System

Once the vents have been thoroughly cleaned, carefully reconnect the vent fans and plug them in their respective sockets. Furthermore, make sure that you've cleaned the vent fans as well.


By following these 5 steps, you can keep your vent systems safe and clean in the long run.


Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. supplies only the most reliable cleaning kits for all your needs. With experience spanning more than four decades, our quality equipment is easily accessible and cost-effective too. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.