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Why Invest in Quality Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags

June 19, 2018

The commercial cleaning industry has always been and continues to be a very competitive market. It is a $78 billion industry. With the number of companies engaging in this section of business, your business also needs to be competitive and well informed. When it comes to removing old and even dangerous materials, high-quality items like insulation removal vacuum bags can keep your staff safe and your business efficient.


Insulation removal vacuum bags can make work more efficient while ensuring technicians are not exposed to dangerous elements like fiber glass or asbestos.


The ability to take on a job efficiently goes a long way to improving your bottom line. It creates a professional image for your company and makes your work easy, safe and straight forward. A high quality insulation removal vacuum bag is much less likely to rip or malfunction, is easier to install and remove and allows less material to escape.

 HeatSeal products and tools are made durable enough to withstand sustained wear and tear, giving extensive carrying capacity. Insulation removal vacuum bags are also low bulk, easily staked and transported between jobs. Their size and shape is compact enough to make startup and recovering easy and quick. Low bulk storage can give you more cleaning space and at a shorter amount of cleaning time.

We have a wide selection of insulation removal vacuum bags, offering an ideal volume of 75 cubic feet. We employ high quality materials to ensure staff safety, work efficiency and durability.


There are many options when it comes to important tools like industrial removal vacuum bags. When investing in these types of tools and materials, any business should keep in mind that quality and dependability are far more profitable than careless savings. At HeatSteal, we take pride in offering the highest quality gear available at a competitive price, along with expert advice and know-how. Visit or contact us today to learn more!