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Four Signs Your Ductwork Is In Need of Cleaning

January 30, 2023

Ductwork is a house’s air supply system. Thus, it is important to keep it clean so that air can easily circulate through it and residents can enjoy breathing clean and fresh air. And just like a house is given a spring cleaning once in a while, the ductwork needs to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned with specialized air duct cleaning equipment once every 2 to 3 years, too. But how do you know when the ductwork is in need of clean-up? In this blog, we cover the signs that indicate it’s time for the ductwork clean-up. 


What Are the Indicators of Clogged Air Ducts?


Here’s what indicates that it’s time to clean the ductwork.


Duct grills covered in dust

If you notice the duct grills are covered in dust, you might need to look inside the ductwork. Even though dusty duct grills do not necessarily signify a clogged air duct system, it does indicate it’s time to start considering cleaning it. 


Mould growth

If you notice mould growing near the duct grills or vents, call a duct cleaning professional. Trying to clean it on your own won’t be as effective as with professional air duct cleaning equipment. Not addressing the issue at all can be dangerous as bacteria will continue being distributed throughout the house and can even penetrate the lungs. 


Pets in house

If you have pets, ducts in your house will accumulate dust and dirt faster. Thus, you’ll need to clean the ducts more often. And if you don't do so, you risk developing a fur allergy. 


Recent renovation 

If you recently had major renovations done to your house, chances are dust and debris resulting from the project penetrated the ductwork. In this case, call a duct cleaning professional to vacuum the ducts with an air duct cleaning vacuum


If none of the above applies to your situation, you are a lucky dog. However, giving your air ducts a preventative clean-up will do no harm either. You can try to do some vacuum cleaning of the ductwork in your house, or call a professional duct cleaning company to do a comprehensive cleaning. A duct cleaning company will have specialized air duct cleaning equipment at their disposal, so they will be able to thoroughly sweep all the dirt and dust out from the ductwork.