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Important Components Of An Insulation Blowing Machine

December 06, 2021

Effective insulation of your home or office can positively affect your energy bills. Good insulation effectively closes any holes and gaps in the structure and ensures your heating and cooling bills stay low. Insulation materials like spray foam, fibreglass, and cellulose are used to reduce air leakage. Loose-fill or blow-in is one of the most common methods of insulation application. In this method, the insulation material is blown to areas like unfinished attic floors or open wall cavities using an insulation blowing machine.

Major components of an insulation blowing machine

This machine is helpful for the effective insulation of hard-to-reach places. This blog explores the components that make up the machine used for blowing insulation. 


The hopper is the insulation storage space in the blowing machine. When you pour the insulation into the hopper, it gets broken down into smaller pieces. The breaking process in the hopper is critical as larger pieces of insulation will not be able to be blown to the desired place with accuracy.

Remote control

Almost all insulation machines come with remote control. Wired and wireless remote control devices let you quickly turn the machine on and off.

Air compressor

Airflow is essential for the insulation blower to function. The insulation material cannot be blown to the desired area without airflow. Air compressors in the machine create the required air pressure for the insulation blower to work.

Pressure gauge

The pressure at which the air compressor is pumping air can be understood with the help of the pressure gauge. Adjusting the settings if the gauge indicates too much air pressure is imperative. 

Insulation blowing hose

The operator controls the direction in which the insulation is blown with the help of the hose. This hose needs to be secured to the machine tightly using connectors and clamps. 

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