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How to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

September 29, 2017

Air ducts are designed to ensure that your business establishment receives proper ventilation, heating during chilly winter or air conditioning during hot summer days. They play a crucial role in keeping your staff and the people inside your building comfortable.

For air ducts to function properly, the establishment must set a schedule to execute the cleanup or maintenance. Buying air duct cleaning equipment is also advisable to make certain that your air ducts are in great working condition.

You can also do the following to help maintain your air duct's excellent shape:

  • First, ensure that your supply registers are covered before you do any cleaning. This is to prevent dust from drifting into the rooms during the cleaning process.
  • Turn your air duct fan on while doing the cleanup to move the dust along as you brush and keep your filter in place to prevent loose dust from getting into the fan motor.
  • Loosen dust in your air ducts and break up any deposits by tapping on the accessible ductwork. Make sure you turn the fan and furnace off.
  • Use air duct cleaning equipment to efficiently clean your air ducts. There are a variety of vacuums available to sweep up the dust and keep your ducts clean.

Also remember to regularly replace your furnace filter to help reduce the accumulated dust in your home. Dirty filters will restrict the air flow, increase the heat of your blower motor and may reduce its lifespan. A well maintained air duct will help you save on replacement costs.

Remember to purchase your air duct cleaning equipment from reliable companies like Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., who specialize in manufacturing quality air handling equipment. With a vast experience in designing duct cleaning machines, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., will help your business maintain excellent airflow within your business premises. Call Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., at 1.800.828.1496 for more information about air duct cleaning equipment.