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Vacuums and Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags: A Guide to Essential Equipment

November 27, 2018

Insulation removal is all about removing insulation that suffered from any damage, infestation, or deterioration. To do the best job possible, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job and that includes using vacuums and insulation removal vacuum bags – among other things.


Whether you’re in need of hoses, vacuums, or insulation removal vacuum bags, we at Heat Seal Equipment have the products for your insulation removal business.


From insulation removal vacuums to insulation removal vacuum bags, here are the three most important pieces of equipment that you need for your insulation removal job:


  • Insulation Removal Vacuum – This industrial-grade insulation removal vacuum is capable of removing any form of blown insulation due to the sheer power that it provides. Portable and reliable, this vacuum is a highly effective tool that all insulation removal businesses should invest in.
  • Suction Hoses – When it comes to removing insulation, vacuums are not enough. While vacuums do provide the necessary function of sucking up any blown insulation, you need a hose to channel the insulation through. At Heat Seal Equipment, we offer suction hoses made of polythene rib that are 6 inch in diameter, and weigh 40 pounds per 25 feet.
  •  Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags – After you’ve removed the insulation, you still need to store the removed insulation somewhere – and that’s what these bags are for! We have a wide selection of insulation removal vacuum bags which have an ideal volume of around 75 cubic feet, and range in different variations that are ideal for your specific removal job.


To provide the best possible job, you need to follow all the procedures and use the very best equipment available. At Heat Seal Equipment, we not only offer a wide selection of insulation removal products; we also offer products for duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning because we want to service all of the services that your business provides!