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4 Ways to Know If Your Insulation Blowing Machine Needs Repairs

July 13, 2020

Insulation blowing machines play a significant role in drying rooms and ducts faster than natural room temperature or external temperature can. Every duct cleaning contractor needs one when they are working to install new insulation. Insulation blowers ensure the adhesive and the material itself stays in place for the longest possible time. Unfortunately, they can experience wear and tear over time.


Here are four accurate ways you'll know you need repair services right away.


You're Not Drying Insulation Fast Enough

Most insulating materials and adhesives require the help of insulation blowing machines to dry up faster. Having these machines on hand allows you to provide accurate timelines to your clients. As everyone in the industry knows, you need defined logistics, and you need to fulfil them as best as you possibly can. If your insulation blower isn't working well, it can derail your logistics.


Excessive Noises

Your insulation blowing machine works. However, you can hear clanking and slamming noises during operation. If the machine operator reports even the slightest difference in noises produced, don't underestimate its impact. It indicates that parts and fittings inside the machine have begun to wear out and loosen.


It Won't Start

Upon turning on your machine, you can't get its lights up. It doesn't perform its tasks and remains inoperative. Non-starting blowers are indicative of loose electronics, damaged circuitry, or mechanical failures. If you're facing these problems, you can take your machine to your manufacturer's registered technicians for repairs and honour your warranties.


The Blower Frequently Shuts Down

Blowers that turn off at random may have a mechanical failure. A worn-out, loose part is often to blame for the frequent shutdowns. This symptom may imply significant damage to the machine, and as such you will need to take it to qualified technicians for repairs.


In case you need blower replacements, you can trust Heat Seal Equipment LTD to supply the best line of duct cleaning machines and insulation blowers. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.