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The Capabilities Surrounding Your Duct Mask

September 03, 2019

The Capabilities Surrounding Your Duct Mask

Effective cleaning solutions are contingent on creating a negative airflow. This is exactly what a duct mask can help accomplish. By sealing off all openings, registers, and gaps, duct masks - ranging from 6-8” wide to 200’ in length – are an established protocol in helping keep your duct as clean as it can be.



The cost-efficiency and simplicity surrounding duct mask applications have allowed duct cleaners to increase their productivity and professionalism around their customers.



The quality of your duct cleaning is only as efficient as the duct mask you utilise for the job, making it one of the more important tools in your cleaning process.


For these reasons, it is important you stay informed of quality dependent factors when you are in the market for duct masks:


  • Ensure the film has strong adhesive backing and is designed for efficient installation. For example, the 8” wide and 200’ long rolls that we stock here at Heat Seal Equipment are perforated at 4” intervals, allowing you to significantly cut down your installation process into one easily administered step.
  • Consider your environment – grill and registers can be found in numerous locations, such as on ceilings and walls, which can affect the quality of duct masking required.
  • It is important you stay cognisant in diminishing the need for post-care procedures. Ensure the duct masks you use can be removed without causing undue damage on the factory finish of the register, as well its painted surface.



Beware of Certain Duct Cleaning Equipment

With the uptake of tools in the duct cleaning industry steadily climbing, many of these tools are now being manufactured to secure quick profits without respecting the quality of the product, leading to poor duct cleaning outcomes.


Examples of this can be seen in vacuum systems with spinning brushes installed on their ends. HVAC systems employing these tools will come to find their cleaning needs not being consistently met as they have not been designed to reach major areas required for duct work, such as the trunk lines in walls or ceilings. Furthermore, the ability of these tools to vacuum the large masses of drywall or debris commonly seen in duct work is lacklustre.



We Never Compromise on Quality

For more than 40 years, we have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing complete solutions for international businesses centred on duct cleaning. No matter the duct cleaning project you find comes your way, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable consultants who will be sure to steer you towards the right product.