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5 Characteristics Of An Excellent Insulation Blowing Machine

August 19, 2021

Insulation blowing machines are an excellent way of evenly applying insulation between wall studs and ceiling joists. Its high-quality blowing motor, application hose, and other features make sure that it does this job with perfection. But not all machines are created equal, for there are features to look out for when using them for home or office insulation. 

Here are five traits good insulation blowing machines must possess

Portability and Durability

Insulation blowing machines are heavy. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, cleaning teams must consider portability and durability at all times. More portable machines will help them navigate the tighter areas. This feature is particularly essential to teams that have multi-city projects.

Insulation Material Compatibility

Fibreglass, SPF, foam, and other insulation materials have varying R-value, which basically determines how well they can trap or release heat. However, simply selecting the material with the highest R-value isn’t enough. You'll need the most compatible insulation blowing machine that can handle your preferred insulation material. Fortunately, high-quality manufacturers and distributors, such as Heat Seal Equipment, can provide you with the essentials that you need.

Hose Quality And Endurance

High-quality hoses ensure that your machine can apply the insulation material without any hassles. Faulty hoses can create a whole host of problems, such as uneven application, difficulty in maneuvering, and a lot more. Additionally, a subpar hose connected to a high-powered blower is a bad match, and you may end up losing money. 

Blower Strength

An insulation blowing machine is directly dependent on its blower’s power. Thus, greater blower strength ensures that you get faster and a more even spread of insulation. Professional distributors are highly recommended, as they can help you with blower selection that will guarantee the best results.

Added Features

Lastly, some blower manufacturers add extra features that might make or break the quality and performance of the equipment. Make sure you assess your professional need for these features to avoid paying higher prices or having troubles because of them during a job.

You can always count on us at Heat Seal Equipment for having the best insulation blowers and other vent cleaning tools at your disposal. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.