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Benefits Of Portable Truck Cleaning Vacuum Over Truck Mounted Vacuum

June 21, 2023

Cleaning an HVAC system is no simple task. Although there are many who aim to DIY this deep cleaning, the truth is it requires professional services to get the job done. One of the primary tools used for this purpose is a duct-cleaning vacuum. However, there are two popular iterations of this tool, a truck-mount and a portable duct-cleaning vacuum. In this blog, we’ll explore why the portable version is better than the truck-mounted one.


Merits Of Portable Vacuum


No Difference In Suction


One of the biggest arguments against portable vacuums is that they have lesser suction power than truck-mounted ones. A duct-cleaning vacuum mounted on a truck has a suction of about 12000 Cubic Feet Per Minute(CFPM). But since it has to be connected with a large hose, by the time the vacuum reaches the duct, the suction drops to around 6000 CFPM. A portable vacuum also has a similar range of pressure at around 5000 to 6000 CFPM. Therefore, the suction power equalizes in the end.


More Economical 


A portable duct cleaning vacuum requires no long hoses and crew to safely navigate it around the HVAC system. This itself reduces the duct cleaning cost, as factors like fuel and operating charges of the crew are subtracted. Therefore, a portable duct cleaning system is an efficient and economical solution. Lastly, since it is quite compact and easy to wield, it is an added advantage for duct cleaning contractors.


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