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Tools For Duct Pressure Testing: A Duct Mask

May 09, 2018

The use of a duct mask is critical when it comes to the provision of a temporary seal for grills and registers used in measuring the pressure of ducts. It also makes your work more presentable by giving it a professional touch, while also reducing the time required to fully seal the duct system.


A duct mask allows you to save time with little hassle when performing a duct pressure test!


Engineering strictly for the purpose, this adhesive-backed film allows for full-flagged diagnostic testing of the duct against leakages. Common uses of the film involve the servicing of commercial air conditioning systems where order must be observed at all times with little room for failure being expected.


Besides coming with a super adhesive, a duct mask also comes in a highly flexible and easy-to-trim film, making its use in sealing leakages in ducts both easy and presentable. This ensures that you can resize the film or have several cut-outs from a small cross-section of the masking roll.


As an assurance for the same great solutions, we at Heat Seal Equipment develop films of different colors, shapes and sizes depending on your needs. With many options, it’s important that you know and acquire the mask that best works for you. This might be guided by the color, shape, size and strength of the adhesive.


Different surfaces require different levels of sturdiness against pressure. Therefore, it is important to select the duct mask whose adhesive can withstand the surface pressure related to the surface of use. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the surface is well cleaned before using the sealant. This gives the adhesive film a fine finish while ensuring that it retains a strong surface strength against the possible pressure it was initially designed to handle.