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4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Skipper Balls

November 13, 2023
Quality Skipper Balls In Ajax By Heat Seal Equipment Ltd

Skipper balls are a critical component when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. However, like any dryer vent cleaning tool, skipper balls too can face wear and tear over time. Therefore, as a cleaning contractor, it is critical to know when to replace it so its efficiency isn’t impacted too much. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a reputed supplier of dryer vent cleaning tools in Ajax, lays out 4 such signs that indicate it’s time to replace skipper balls.


When To Replace Skipper Balls?


Deep Dents Or Damage


Skipper balls, being at the forefront, can come in contact with debris and even the walls of the dryer. Moreover, even if they are sturdy, they can face some dents and minor damage with constant heavy-duty use. Therefore, it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of skipper balls. Thus, it’s imperative to replace skipper balls as soon as you see any dents.


Easily Detached Skipper Ball


Skipper balls, although powerful, are small pieces of equipment that can easily get detached from skipper lines. While some contractors use powerful epoxies and adhesives to keep it working, it is actually more cost-effective to replace the skipper ball once it has detached.  


Inefficient Function


Some skipper balls might not work well even if it has not faced any external damage or prolonged usage. Poorly designed equipment or a low-quality manufacturer are the likely culprits in this case. Therefore, it's best to get it replaced with a high-quality, robust skipper ball right away.


In Operation For Over A Decade


Irrespective of quality, if a skipper ball has been operational for more than 10 years, then it deserves to be replaced, as beyond this point, its efficiency will be questionable at best. 


To summarize, observing these 4 signs will help you stay ahead when it comes to replacing this dryer vent cleaning tool.


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