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Comparing Truck Mounted And Portable Duct Cleaning Vacuum

May 30, 2024
Quality Duct Cleaning Vacuum In Ajax

A duct-cleaning vacuum is a vital tool for professional duct-cleaning services. There are numerous options to consider in terms of vacuum, mainly if a portable or truck-mounted duct cleaning vacuum will be suitable for a specific task. For contractors who are confused between the two options, here are some factors to consider before making a decision.


Truck Mounted vs Portable Duct Cleaning Vacuum


Suction Power

Suction power can be defined as the force with which a vacuum can absorb pollutants. When comparing the two types of duct cleaning vacuums, the truck-mounted version has a greater suction power.  




An underrated but important aspect is maneuverability. Clearly, a portable duct cleaning vacuum is a better choice in this case as it can be wheeled in and out of a facility. This is particularly beneficial if the ductwork is situated at the top of a building or structure.


Hose Diameter

Superior suction power is useless without a corresponding hose diameter. In this case, the truck-mounted vacuum has a greater hose diameter than its portable counterparts. This makes them an ideal choice for collecting large debris. However, if more tact is required during debris removal, than a small-diameter hose is more suitable.


Debris Retention

This depends solely on the situation the equipment is operated. For instance, if the ducts are easily accessible from the truck, then the former is the better choice as the debris is directly collected in the truck. However, if the truck-mounted vacuum can’t reach the ductwork within the property, then a portable vacuum with appropriate, robust collection bags can be employed to finish the task.


To sum it up, any reputable air duct cleaning equipment contractor must have both these duct cleaning vacuums in their arsenal so that they can be used interchangeably according to different situations. 

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