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3 Essential HVAC Components That Require Cleaning For Maximum Efficiency

August 18, 2023

The HVAC system in any residential or commercial building involves a complex network of equipment and duct work. Responsible for maintaining the ambient temperature of a building, the HVAC system requires thorough cleaning using air duct cleaning equipment in a periodic fashion. However, if there is a particular focus on improving the system’s energy efficiency, then some parts of the system require special attention. Here are 3 such components of a HVAC system.


HVAC Parts Requiring Thorough Cleaning


Evaporator Coil


To cool the air entering the building, HVAC systems use a device known as an evaporator coil. The buildup of dust and debris on the surface of the coil can affect its functionality, as it acts as an insulator. Similarly, dust can accumulate in between the coils. Therefore, they require extra cleaning using appropriate air duct cleaning tools.


Reheat Coil


Similar to an evaporator coil in functioning, the major difference is that a reheat coil is used for heating cold air. It is also situated at the end of a HVAC system. It is intricate in design, much like a filter, and as such, can accumulate dust and errant particles over time. So, these too need to be cleaned with the right air duct cleaning equipment to improve a HVAC system’s energy efficiency.




The air flow entering the building has to be regulated. This is done with a device known as the damper. It has numerous blades/fins that move and regulate the air flow within the ducts and the building. As is evident, if there is an excess buildup of dust and contaminants in the damper, it can significantly hinder the air flow, increase the overall pressure of the HVAC system, and consequently, consume more energy. Therefore, they also require special attention.


Hence, by cleaning these 3 components of a HVAC system, it is possible to achieve the appropriate energy efficiency.


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