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The Air Duct Cleaning Equipment That Your Enterprise Needs

June 04, 2018

Two of the major pieces of machinery in maintenance and air duct cleaning equipment are vacuums and compressors. Any business, whether large or small, should invest in the right tools to maintain air purity, power efficiency and regulatory standards.


With the right air duct cleaning equipment, any facility can be properly maintained and operated to the highest standard of power efficiency and air quality.



A vacuum machine is a component of the air duct cleaning assembly that uses a partial vacuum to suck up dust, contaminants and other particles that are located inside a duct. A vacuum machine is available in different types, power, and styles.

You can choose the truck mount vacuum. A high-quality model that you can use is the CTM Kubota 56 HP Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine that can be situated in the front of the cargo area. This product is perfect for truck installation because of the equal weight distribution. Its pressure is set at 240 psi and has a clutch which can easily be disengaged for warmup.

If you want a smaller version of a vacuum, you can purchase the deluxe van mount vacuum. You can pick the vacuum with a GX690 Honda engine with a 25-liter gas tank. This product has a centrifugal clutch.

For those who are looking for a maneuverable vacuum, you can select the portable type. It is equipped with two 1 HP motors, a machine washable bag, pneumatic tires and a robust structure.


To completely clean the air ducts, you need a compressor to knock the dirt and dust loose. The compressor supplies air through a hose. The hose is then placed inside the duct to remove the particles off the internal surface of the assembly.

You generally have two options for a compressor. You can get the portable gas compressor or the electric variant. Ideally, you should choose the energy source which can give you maximum output with minimal expenses.


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