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Heat Seal: Types of Duct Cleaning Air Compressor

April 11, 2018

When you work with Heat Seal for duct cleaning services, you have a lot of options for tackling the constant challenge of keeping your ducts as clean and energy-efficient as possible. One of our more popular products is the duct cleaning air compressor, in part because this device also is available in many varieties to meet your unique needs. Using air compression for this type of cleaning can be an extremely effective means of getting the job done for many industrial setups.


Three types of duct cleaning air compressor we offer at Heat Seal are the…


  • Deluxe Champion Compressor - This duct cleaning air compressor is designed to ensure a complete job while minimizing downtime; it works at a consistently high level of pressure that helps to get the job done quickly. It also provides some of the highest levels of strength and reliability across our available models.
  • Portable Electric Compressor - Our portable electric compressor is designed with two adapters for either a dryer or a stove plug, as well as a secondary auxiliary tank type that doubles potential air volume. This one runs on electricity, which allows for several benefits – a cheaper fuel source, for example, and a better environmental output as well.
  • Portable Gas Compressor - Our portable gas compressors are powered by a special 9HP Honda GX270 engine, and is capable of working with a similar output to the portable electric compressor – this run, of course, runs on gas fuel, which carries advantages of heat recovery and heavier-duty work over their electric counterparts


If our inventory of air duct cleaning compressor models seems at all daunting, feel free to reach out to us any time to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages each one could carry for your unique industrial operations. The importance of choosing the right duct cleaner for your daily operations cannot be understated – so we look forward to hearing from you!