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An Overview of Common Duct Cleaning Tools

April 20, 2022

Air duct cleaning can be challenging without the right tools and equipment. Vacuums and compressors are both types of equipment used extensively by duct cleaning contractors to get rid of dust and stubborn debris.

While vacuums and compressors use air suction and airflow respectively to clean air ducts, it is important to note that a suction hose is an important addition used with both the equipment.

The supplier's reputation is one of the important factors to consider while sourcing suction hoses. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of air duct cleaning tools known for its quality products.

Suction hose and hose accessories by Heat Seal Equipment Ltd


Black Knight Hose

The Black Knight Hose is one of the most popular products manufactured and sold by us. Available in 6", 8". and 10", this suction hose has polythene rib on the outside. One of the significant features of this hose is that it will not ovalize like a hose with a helix does. 

Because of the absence of the wire, the smooth interior enables uninterrupted airflow. Made with E.P.D.M rubber, the inner tube remains flexible even in cold weather making the work of duct cleaning contractors easy. 

Clear Hose
The clear hose from Heat Seal Equipment Ltd is specifically designed to be used with electric machines only. This hose is most compatible with Portable Electric Vac and Hypervac. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to store. It comes in 6", 8", and 10". 

Hose connectors and reducers
The length of the hose can be adjusted with ease with the help of hose connectors and reducers. Available in both metal and plastic, the connectors and reducers are sold at the best rates. A gear clamp is another suction hose accessory that can be sourced from Heat Seal Equipment Ltd.

Get in touch with us today to source the best quality suction hose and air duct cleaning tools. We are also the leading supplier of insulation blowing machines.