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Duct Masks: An Overview

January 19, 2021

Duct masks are used to provide temporary seals on registers and grills, especially on walls and ceilings. They are crucial for different kinds of cleaning and maintenance operations, and as such are a must-have feature of any professional vent cleaner’s kit, regardless of their experience. If your team reports issues with their masks, consider purchasing a new batch immediately.


At Heat Seal Equipment, we sell a range of accessories for duct cleaning, including duct masks.


Our duct mask has an adhesive-backed film that comes in 8” wide and 200’ rolls and is perforated every 4” to provide for custom, one-step installation. They can be easily removed from the register without harming the register’s factory finish.


Protects Your Team

Cleaning dryer and machine vents is truthfully a dangerous occupation. Different chemicals from absorbent debris can cause lung damage. With high-quality duct mask sets, your team can perform their tasks without any hazards. In doing so, you can maximise their performance in the field. Dangerous chemicals, such as diluted bases and acids, can be present in any dryer vent. For this reason, cleaners often wear high-quality personal protective equipment and gloves when venturing into the ductwork. The dangers of exposed vent cleaning are not limited to these chemicals because noxious fumes and toxic air can be present in such locations too.


Necessary for Most Operations

Local trade certification and licensing organisations require every duct vent cleaning team and company to have duct masks and proper safety equipment when providing their services. Truthfully, it's a necessity for all who want to work in the industry.


Numerous Manufacturers Available Nationwide

With a single search engine query, you can find numerous high-quality mask manufacturers. Collect their contact information, and you can immediately place a batch order. Heat Seal Equipment is known to be one of the finest providers of duct cleaning equipment in the country. We also produce high-quality vent-cleaning equipment, accessories, and everything else you may need. Contact us today to learn more.