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How a Duct Cleaning Vacuum Benefits Your Facility

March 01, 2018

The quality of the air inside your house, building, or facility can be controlled to keep it healthy, safe, and clean with the use of duct filtration and ventilation. This comprehensive strategy of maintaining indoor air quality includes using the right duct cleaning vacuum. Daily activities typically produce contaminants that can be trapped within your home when there isn’t enough air exchange. It is very important to maintain adequate service for your HVAC equipment. However, the air duct network is usually left behind until the entire system is affected. So servicing the ductwork using a duct cleaning vacuum is highly recommended.



Using a duct cleaning vacuum can provide several notable benefits in HVAC:



Eliminating bad odor

Unpleasant smells from fungi and mold can easily grow and multiply, which can be pushed in the ductwork and eventually into the rooms themselves. These odors will then embed the dust clusters and remain throughout the duct system. The vacuum itself will remove these materials, and the scent along with them.


Improved indoor air quality

As debris accumulates inside your ductwork, some of the particulate matter will be blown back into the various rooms of your house. This can pose potential risks to the health of your household. Proper cleaning will remove these contaminants from your ducting, resulting in air that is free of pollutants and other irritants.


Reduced energy bills and repair costs

The debris and dirt clogging the evaporator coil and other components of your HVAC system can compromise thermal energy transfer process. This will make your equipment operate more efficiently, which will be well-reflected in your energy billing.  


At Heat Seal, we can provide a duct cleaning vacuum that will create a massive improvement in your daily facility operations. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our services and equipment, feel free to contact us today!