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Choosing The Right Insulation Blowing Machine for Your Needs

May 30, 2019

Deciding on the right insulation blowing machine for your needs can be quite a complex endeavor. A unit that is too large will increase your operating costs while one that is too small one will not be able to keep up with your operations. As such, it is pivotal to get a machine that perfectly suits your applications.


The first step to choosing the right machine is to pinpoint the scope and needs of your operations correctly.


If you will be dealing mostly with small retrofits and tighter spaces, a smaller insulation blowing machine in a small trailer will do the job. On the other hand, if you will be working high up near the ceilings of big buildings and houses, a bigger machine on a box truck would be a better option.


In addition to the sizing factor, other major concerns you should take into consideration when selecting an insulation blowing machine include:


  • The availability of power sources at the job site for electric machines – if not, is there a generator, and will a generator be suitable for your operations?
  • If you are using a gas powered unit, what are the equipment or accessories required?
  • The level of maintenance needed as well as the availability of parts and service
  • If you are renting, the availability of the machine for the duration of your operations


A final thing you might want to decide on is whether you will benefit more from a cordless or remote insulation blowing machine. Many machines utilize a corded remote but the wireless option can offer its own conveniences. It may also be a good idea to have more than one machine, so the latter can serve as a backup.


Carefully considering these factors will help you ensure your machine works at optimum efficiency and is well-maintained. Heal Seal Equipment has a wide range of insulation blowing machines to offer, and you can always contact us to learn more about the models we carry.