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Why Having Quality Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Is Essential

July 23, 2018

As a contractor offering duct cleaning services, one learns very quickly that the gulf between quality air duct cleaning equipment and that which is less so becomes apparent in its performance.


Air ducts are difficult to clean by way of their design, and you need to have faith in your air duct cleaning equipment that it is performing its duties admirably. Certainly, trying to ‘measure’ how well the duct ahs been cleaned is still an inexact art.


In this article we look at why contractors investing in air duct cleaning equipment are preferred over those who do not. Air ducts, after all, are not the cleanest of places and customers depend on the technicians they call to have the right tools for the job.


  • Mould – Mould is one of the biggest reasons by homeowners choose to get their ducts cleaned. Other than leaving a foul odour, mould can lead to health concerns. Whereas there are tests that can be conducted to check if mould is present, good air duct cleaning equipment will alleviate the mould whether it can be seen or not.


  • Insects and vermin – Air duct, unfortunately, make a very good home for insects and vermin. Particularly in joints or other areas where air flow is impeded, insects and vermin can easily fester. In such cases, air duct cleaning equipment needs to be able to tend to all of these areas.


  • All vents and ducts – A giveaway of an improperly equipped service provider is if they try to avoid certain vents and ducts. Vents in the roof not being cleaned or bends in ducts stultifying cleaning efforts are signs that the air duct cleaning equipment is not up to the task of navigating the labyrinthine air duct network.


  • Suggesting ‘regular’ cleaning – When the contractor chooses to suggest that air ducts should be cleaned regularly, it is a sign that they are using poor quality air duct cleaning equipment. Air ducts cleaned properly the first time do not need to be inspected on a regular basis. Only insufficiently cleaned ducts will need to be ‘re-cleaned’ frequently.


Outside the vent – Using ineffective vacuums and blowers, not covering carpets and surfaces are clear signs of a contractor who has not chosen to invest in air duct cleaning equipment. Dust billows and dust and lint collection are indicators of a job not well done.