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Types of Air Duct Cleaning Tools

June 14, 2017

One needs to constantly clean their ventilations, shafts, and ducts in order to ensure that their buildings or homes are well-ventilated. Otherwise, the lack of proper and periodic cleaning is a potential hazard to all the occupants of a building or home.

In order to conduct the air duct cleaning process, you will need several air duct cleaning tools.

One of the tools needed are vacuums. Vacuums apply negative pressure to the ventilation shafts and ducts to remove the debris that is lodged in the ducts. The vacuums used in air duct cleaning have more power and pressure than the normal household vacuums, and therefore completely rid the ducts of debris.

Air compressors can also be used in this cleaning process. The pressure of compressed air blasts debris from the ducts. This ensures that the shafts are rid of stubborn debris. Other common duct cleaning tools include simple hand cleaning and pneumatic agitation tools. Simple hand tools such as brushes are used to loosen the debris in the ducts. Pneumatic agitation tools such as air whips and blowguns are used to move the agitated debris from the ducts into the collection bags.

When choosing air duct cleaning tools, one should beware of the material that has been used to line the ducts and shafts. This is because some linings such as, flexduct, ductboard, and fiberglass can be damaged by overly-aggressive methods of duct cleaning.

Other tools that are used to monitor and evaluate the cleaning process include mirrors and cameras. These tools are used to view parts of the ducts that are hidden to establish whether they have been properly cleaned.

Cleaning devices come in a lot of varieties. Vacuums, air compressors, simple hand tools, visual tools (cameras and mirrors) and pneumatic agitation tools are just some of the most commonly used air duct cleaning tools.