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Duct Cleaning Tools That Offer Efficiency

May 29, 2017

Failure to clean ducts and HVAC systems results in an increased allergy rate and unexplained odors in buildings and homes. The HVAC system, if not cleaned, is responsible for blowing pollutants, bacteria, mold, dirt and dust across the building. Clogged ducts compromise air conditioning, minimize air flow and allow flammable materials to accumulate in the vents, which are a potential fire hazard. Cleaning of the HVAC systems and ducts are done using duct cleaning tools.


Duct Cleaning Tools Offer Effective Duct Cleaning


Duct cleaning includes cleaning heating, cooling and ventilation components. Duct cleaning schedules depend on climate, frequency of components’ operation, costs and filtration used. You want to clean your ducts (or even replace ducts) in the event that there is growth of slime, accumulation of debris that blocks air flow, permanent damage by water, presence of unpleasant odors from the HVAC and if dust is being emitted from the ducts.

When duct cleaning is in progress, a number of duct cleaning tools are used. Vacuums provide suction that removes the material that has collected in the ducts. Spinning brushes are inserted in the vents in order to clean out the material while the vacuum sucks it out. Where the ductwork is complex, tools such as duct augers and skipper balls are used to remove the inaccessible vent portions. Skipper balls and duct augers are efficient for use in ducts lined with plastic and fiberglass because damage is not caused

Other cleaning tools include air compressors and agitation tools such as air whips, blowguns and air skippers. Agitation tools are usually used to dislodge dirt. Inspection systems such as cameras are also used to view the insides of HVAC units. This way, the ducts are inspected for proper cleaning and for assessment of the debris build-up.

Duct cleaning tools are used with other accessories such as chemicals, grill-masks, dispensers and flex ducts to enable easier cleaning and an absence of damage.