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4 Must-have Duct Cleaning Tools for Starting a Duct Cleaning Business

January 24, 2023

Starting a duct cleaning business is a major endeavour. It requires significant time and monetary investment. Aside from dedicating the time to devise a business plan, you also need to invest in quality air duct cleaning tools and equipment. In this blog, we bring four duct cleaning tools that are a must-have for starting a duct cleaning business. 


What Are the Must-have Tools for Starting a Duct Cleaning Business?


Duct access and inspection tools

Cleaning the ductwork starts with a thorough inspection and assessment. You will need duct access tools such as drills and screwdrivers to make small holes in the ductwork to be able to insert the camera to inspect the ductwork. You will also need proper tools to seal the holes when the work is finished. Not only the inspection process is important for determining the extent of the necessary cleanup but also for identifying deteriorated areas and whether they need to be replaced rather than just cleaned. 


Vacuum and debris collection equipment 

Duct-cleaning vacuums are the core equipment of any duct-cleaning business. Vacuums are necessary for suctioning the dust and debris out of the ductwork. There are several vacuum types built to meet the requirements of any project:

  • truck-mount
  • diesel van-mount 
  • portable electric 
  • hybrid

Heat Seal Equipment Ltd is a proud supplier of air duct cleaning tools and accessories, including duct cleaning vacuums. 


Duct brushes

Cleaning the ductwork with just a vacuum may not be sufficient, especially if there’s dirt stuck on the duct walls. In this case, duct brushes are a must-have air duct cleaning tool. Duct brushes will scrub the dirt accumulated on the duct walls over the years. A duct cleaning vacuum will further suction the scrubbed dirt and debris. 


Air compression equipment 

Some tools require significant air pressure for proper functioning. For instance, duct cleaning air compressors provide a source of pressurized air for duct brushes to scrub the inside of the ductwork. 

The success and longevity of your business largely depend on the equipment you use and how well you maintain the machines. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is a one-stop shop for contractors looking for air duct cleaning equipment to supply their projects. We design and manufacture everything from duct cleaning machines powered by gas, diesel and electricity to tools and accessories to go with them. Contact us today if you are looking for quality air duct cleaning tools and equipment for your next project.