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The Different Approaches to Air Duct Cleaning

February 11, 2020

Air duct cleaning specialists are faced with the challenge of cleaning various types of ducts or duct parts every day. This wide variety includes flex ducts, internally lined ducts, duct boards, and so on. The reality is that there’s no single cleaning tool or method that can be used to clean all sizes and types of ducts available. One of the more consistent pieces of equipment is the duct cleaning air compressor, which helps power a number of these tools.


Air duct cleaners always want to provide their customer with their desired level of cleanliness but in the fastest, most efficient ways possible.


Using the right method means more productivity and as such, more profitability as well. In today’s blog, we want to go over a number of popular methods of air duct cleaning, so that you have a better understanding of the cleaning process:


Air Washing: this is the most basic level of air duct cleaning. It uses high-pressure air produced by the duct cleaning air compressor via an air hose attached to the air nozzle. The buildup of dirt and other trapped debris in the duct is dislodged by the streams of high-pressure air delivered through the air nozzle.


Air Whips: this second technique also uses the method of air washing combined with the agitation produced from the whips to clean air ducts. The accompaniment of the whipping action makes this cleaning technique better at removing dirt in the duct.


Manual and Powered Brushing: by making physical contact with the interior part of the duct, brushing offers more effectivity in terms of dislodging the accumulated debris inside the ductwork. 


Contact Vacuuming: similar to brushing, this cleaning method also makes physical contact with the interior of the duct but with a much further reach in order to dislodge more dirt and debris. While it also makes use of the duct cleaning air compressor, it achieves a higher level of cleaning than the rest of the methods above.