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5 Duct Cleaning Tools You Need for Starting Your Air Duct Cleaning Business

April 17, 2018

If you’re starting an air duct cleaning business, you need the right duct cleaning tools to get the job done. Aside from vacuums, hoses, and air compressors, duct cleaning also requires the use of tools when repairing faulty ducts or broken units. To do that, here are five duct cleaning tools that are essential to your air duct cleaning business.


These duct cleaning tools are absolutely vital to the repair, maintenance, and cleaning of air ducts.


Hand Seamers

Air ducts come in various shapes and sizes. Hand seamers are used to repair square-shaped ducts. These pliers are used to bend out-of-shape areas to fit and fix the duct work.


Turbo Shears

Much like regular or garden shears, turbo shears are used to cut. These high powered shears are attached to a cordless drill and used to cut through duct work quickly and efficiently.



While hand seamers are used to repair damaged square-shaped ducts, crimpers are used to repair damage on round ducts.


Fin Straightening Tools

Occasionally fins from air conditioning units may become bent or damaged, sometimes from a squatting animal or the accidental collision. These tools are used to straighten out any bent or damaged fins.


Duct Rippers

When cleaning an air duct, a vacuum hose will be needed to be hooked up to a client’s main duct work. In order for a vacuum hose to be hooked up, a hole must be cut inside the main duct work. To do this, a duct ripper is placed against the duct work and hammered away until a hole large enough for the hose is made.


If you’re starting up a duct cleaning business but don’t know where to purchase all these duct cleaning tools, Heat Seal Equipment sells all these products at an affordable price with high quality assurance!