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5 Ways To Maximize Air Compressor Efficiency

June 06, 2023

An air compressor, along with a duct-cleaning vacuum is one of the primary tools used in duct-cleaning operations. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure it is working optimally. If you are a duct cleaning contractor looking to improve the efficiency of your pneumatic air compressor, then here are 5 ways to achieve just that.


How To Improve Air Compressor’s Efficiency?


Choose Air Hose With A Larger Diameter


Air hoses used in the compressor come in various sizes, such as ¼’’ or ⅜’’. However, the diameter of the hose plays a major impact on the performance of the compressor, as it is directly related to air pressure. Thus, opt for hoses with a larger diameter to capitalize on the air pressure.


Use A Shorter Length Of Hose If Possible


The ideal solution is to opt for a hose with a shorter length and larger diameter. This is because the length of the hose is inversely proportional to the air pressure generated in the system. However, in case it is absolutely essential to use a hose with a small diameter and maximum length, it’s best to go for an auxiliary tank.


Go For An Auxiliary Tank


To increase the distance from the compressor without any loss in pressure, it is ideal to go for an auxiliary tank. Using this between two lengths of hoses will help increase the reach of the compressor without loss of air pressure.


Lubrication Is Key


Ensure that the various parts of the compressor are lubricated perfectly. The frequency and type of lubricant will depend on the constituent parts.


Examine The System For Leaks


Lastly, all the above-mentioned measures are in vain if there is a leak in the system. Hence, check the system thoroughly for air pressure drops or leaks in the compressor, hose, fittings and tools. 


For more information on various duct cleaning tools and other miscellaneous equipment, reach out to us at Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. We are a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high-quality and durable air-handling equipment. With over four decades of experience, we have amassed numerous clients across Canada and the entire world. Contact us today to place an order or an enquiry.