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An Overview Of Insulation Blowing And Removal Equipment

May 31, 2022

Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of quality air handling equipment for more than four decades. The products and equipment of our company are aimed at helping contractors involved in duct cleaning and insulation blowing.

Insulation blowing and removal can be a daunting task without the right equipment. We at Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. understand this better than anyone else. This is why we have constantly dedicated our resources towards innovating and designing better insulation blowing and insulation removal products like insulation removal vacuum bags.

Here is a list of our insulation blowing and removal equipment.


Insulation removal vacuum
As the name suggests, this vacuum is essential for the contractors to remove all the old insulation from the attic. This vacuum is powerful and helps the contractors finish an otherwise hectic task in a relatively short time. One of the best things about these vacuums is that they are portable and easy to operate.  

Insulation removal bags
Insulation removal vacuum bags are essential for contractors. They are used to store the old and damaged insulation sucked out with the help of the insulation removal vacuum. Without a tear-proof insulation removal bag, the entire process can be messy and take much more time. If you use a vacuum bag not designed for this purpose, you risk the insulation being released into the environment. Insulation is harmful to the environment and it is your duty to dispose of it responsibly.

Black Knight Suction Hose
Without a suction hose, it isn't possible for contractors to use an insulation removal vacuum. It is through the suction hose that the insulation gets pulled in when you use an insulation removal vacuum and eventually to the insulation removal vacuum bag. Our Black Knight Suction Hose is durable and easy to handle. It is designed to handle high airflow and does not get damaged easily.

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