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4 Reasons Polypropylene is an Excellent Material for Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags

January 12, 2021

Duct cleaning requires extensive, wide-ranging area vacuuming to remove lint and other debris. Thankfully, the majority of leading Canadian suppliers produce the best polypropylene insulation removal vacuum bags available. Choosing the right insulation removal bag is vital to productive cleaning because mismanaging debris can lead to more work hours, affecting your team's performance over time.


Here are the reasons polypropylene stands out as a great material in duct cleaning operations:


Exceptional Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene is an excellent material for insulation removal vacuum bags because it's greatly durable and has remarkable chemical resistance. Some acidic and heavily-diluted base chemicals can enter your vents and ductwork. With top-quality, resistant insulation vacuum bags, you can conveniently store waste materials without any problems.


Stretchable But Tough

All insulation removal vacuum bags will take in enormous air amounts. Additionally, the chemicals, lint, and other debris the vacuum absorbs goes straight into the bag. Polypropylene performs best in high-density vacuum situations because it can stretch yet remain unscathed and have a low risk of breaking.


Has Excellent Torsion Resistance

Additionally, polypropylene has excellent malleability, allowing it to take different forms and shapes without breaking apart. Any small sharp object traveling at high velocity because of your vacuum will have insufficient force to tear the bag. While care is still important, having a failsafe feature on your polypropylene vacuum bag is always a welcome safeguard.


Electronically Shielded

Vacuums create friction and kinetic energy. Therefore, any material that contains an electric charge can set vacuum bags on fire. With polypropylene's exceptional insulation, you won't have any problems with electronic shielding. The bag's affordability and value-for-money with top-notch insulation make it one of the best investments for any duct cleaning crew.


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