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What To Look For In Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

August 16, 2018

Your laundry devices are vital to your living, especially your dryer. A dryer has a vent that leads out to the side of your house. If it’s not routinely cleaned, this can cause serious problems for your home, and even your life. This is why it’s important to have dryer vent cleaning tools on-hand!


There are a number of dryer vent cleaning tools that you can use when maintaining your dryer vent!


Compressor and Vacuum System

When you need dryer vent cleaning tools, you need a compressor or vacuum system to clean out the debris from the vent. However, no ordinary household vacuum will do; you need an industrial-grade vacuum and compressor system that is specifically designed for the cleaning of ducts and dryer vents.


Skipper Lines & Snakes

However, a vacuum and compressor systems is not enough to clean out that dryer vent.  Skipper lines and snakes are used to clean the vent from the inside. Dryer vent cleaning works by channeling a skipper line through the vent. Pressurized air from the vacuum or compressor system is directed through the lines, dislodging any debris within the vent.


Skipper Balls

When compressed air is directed through skipper lines, they are shot through skipper balls. Skipper balls are small metallic devices that are attached at the end of a skipper line. These balls have tiny holes where air is channeled through. Some balls spin, while others don’t, however both types are effective dryer vent cleaning tools.


All of these dryer vent cleaning tools are offered by us at Heat Seal Equipment! We specialize in the supply of industrial equipment specifically designed for duct cleaning, insulation blowing, and dryer vent cleaning. So if you’re part of an air duct cleaning business and require quality equipment that you can rely on, feel free to contact us today!