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Fogging Machine: How It Works And Benefits

October 20, 2023

Routine air duct cleaning is critical to maintaining the efficiency and quality of air emanating from an HVAC system. Among the numerous air duct cleaning tools available, a fogging machine often takes the backseat. However, it is a critical tool to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization of an HVAC system. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Limited explores the workings of a standard fogging machine and why it is beneficial to use it.



How Does A Fogging Machine Work?



A fogging machine is a cleaning tool which uses a fine mist or spray of chemicals to thoroughly sanitize the surface of the duct. The mist is created by creating pressure within the machine and expelling the chemicals via a narrow channel. The density of the spray itself can be controlled closely by using a manual valve. Thus, this air duct cleaning tool can spray up to 12 metres or more. Hence, it should be used in tandem with other tools like duct cleaning rods or skipper balls for the best result.


Benefits Of Fogging Machine


Here are some major benefits of duct fogging:


Removal Of Mould: Harmful mould can clog the duct within the HVAC system and can cause health problems for the inhabitants. However, using chemicals can effectively remove the mould and make the system safer.


Improved Air Quality: As a direct result of removing mould, bacteria and other harmful particles, a fogging machine can automatically improve the air quality of an HVAC system.


In spite of these benefits, it's important to note that when fogging cleaning chemicals, time must be given for the chemicals to settle down. Therefore, when a duct is being treated with a fogging machine, it is best to remove people from the vicinity and wear appropriate protective gear.


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