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Gas, Diesel or Electric: Which Insulation Blowing Machine is Right For Me?

February 26, 2019

It can be challenging to find the most suitable insulation blowing machine for your business. You may prefer to invest in a larger machine with greater capabilities; however, larger machines are pricier and may cost more than your budget can allow.



One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an insulation blowing machine is how it is powered.



Knowing whether you need a gas, diesel or electric machine will help narrow down your options. Here are the gas, diesel and electric machines we offer, and their specifications.


HS 5000 and HS 5500 Gas – These gas-powered machines have a 22HP cylinder engine with an electric start. They also have a bleed off airlock exhauster mechanism that provides improved coverage and reduces dust production. Air and material flow is controlled via remote control for both of these machines. Either of these machines is a great investment as their life expectancy is 10-15 years. The HS 5500 is a larger version of the HS 5000.


HS 5000 Electric – Our electric insulation blowing machine is powered by two three-phase 5HP motors; a single-phase motor machine is available at an additional cost. This machine also has a bleed off airlock exhauster mechanism and is controlled remotely.


Running electric is cleaner and less costly than using a machine that runs on gas or diesel, but this option is only available to you if you know that you will have access to power sources at your job sites, or if you have a generator.


HS 5500 Diesel – Our diesel blowing machine comes with a 1001cc 3 cylinder Kubota engine with a 26 amp alternator. This is an electric shut down engine with oil and fuel filters. The machine is equipped with warning lights for oil pressure, temperature and charging voltage. Our diesel machine is larger than our other insulation blowing machines, with a shipping weight of 1,700 lbs.


At Heat Seal Equipment, we offer a wide range of insulation blowing machines. Our models are cost-effective and easy to use. We provide gas, diesel and electric blowing machines to suit your specific needs. Contact us today to find the right insulation blowing machine for you!