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4 Important Things To Know About Duct Cleaning

September 29, 2023

The previous blog examined the role of duct cleaning vacuum in the duct cleaning process. Especially how CFM determined the strength of the vacuum. However, there are a lot of variables during a duct cleaning process. Thus, all homeowners must know about a few prerequisites before hiring experts for the clean-up. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., an expert in manufacturing and supplying air duct cleaning equipment, lays out just that.


Things To Know About Duct Cleaning


Negative Pressure Is An Integral Part Of Effective Cleaning


Irrespective of the nature of the tools, whether it is small, handheld tools, or something heftier, most employ negative air pressure during duct cleaning. This is to ensure that dust, debris and other particles are not scattered throughout the property during the cleaning process. It also ensures that the duct cleaning vacuum does not get clogged.


Inspection Is The First Step Towards Cleaning


Before professionals employ their various air duct cleaning equipment, they will thoroughly inspect the duct system, right from access points to the ductwork itself. Then, they will chart the best course of action according to the level and nature of the buildup.


The Process Is Not Very Time-Consuming


If done properly and with the right tools, any duct cleaning process can’t exceed a few hours at the most. Some can get the task done within an hour or two hours. Of course, the time can vary depending on the size of the property, the ductwork, and its condition.


Duct Cleaning Should Be Regular


Lastly, this is a regularly occurring phenomenon. Although some properties can get by getting their duct works cleaned every three to five years, the truth is that annual cleaning done by professionals is the most optimal, leading to increased efficiency and reduced energy bills.


If you are looking for an air-handling equipment supplier, look no further than Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. In business since 1975, we are a leading provider of high-quality air duct cleaning equipment and parts. Apart from equipment sales, we also provide maintenance and support to our clients, so we can confidently call ourselves a complete supply house for duct cleaning contractors. Call us today to inquire about our inventory of equipment and parts.