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Why CFM Is A Critical Metric For Duct Cleaning Vacuum?

September 26, 2023

Among the many air duct cleaning equipment used during a job, a duct cleaning vacuum is one of the most important ones. Responsible for directly removing any dust and debris from an air duct, it is a staple in most professional cleaner’s tool sheds. However, how to select one for a particular operation? And how to determine the strength/power of the vacuum? The answer lies in CFM or cubic feet per minute. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a manufacturer and supplier of premium air duct cleaning equipment, will lay out its definition and importance during duct cleaning. 



What Is CFM?



Cubic feet per minute or CFM is defined as the volume of air flowing through a duct per minute. It is a critical measurement for duct cleaning vacuum and the duct cleaning process as a whole. The next part will explore why.


Importance Of CFM In Duct Cleaning


The CFM of a duct cleaning vacuum will directly determine its suction power, thereby relaying how effective it is in removing dust and debris during a cleaning operation. Typically, to remove dust, debris and allergens for residential complexes, professional cleaners opt for a vacuum with a CFM of around 4000 to 5000. However, for commercial purposes, a much higher CFM may be necessary.


CFM is essential not only for duct cleaning vacuum but also for the air compressor. According to industry standards, a compressor should have a CFM of about 23 to function effectively. Of course, for air compressors, air pressure also plays a critical role, which will be explored separately in a future post.


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