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Using an Insulation Removal Vacuum in Your Attic

December 21, 2020

Removing the insulation from the attic can be a messy and time-consuming job, but there are plenty of reasons why homeowners need to remove their old insulation. It could be that water damage or rodent infestations have left behind airborne diseases and contaminants in the insulation material. Moreover, wet insulation can also create breeding grounds for mould and bacteria, compromising the integrity of your structure. If insulation is damaged, it becomes troublesome and comes at a high-cost for homeowners. Good thing an insulation removal vacuum can be a huge help in doing the job more effectively and efficiently. On top of it all, preparation is also key.


Having a strategy to carry on the task will make the job a lot easier and save you from costly mistakes.


The first step is to clear the area of any contaminants like rodent waste, mould, and asbestos if any. This will make the entire process of removing the old insulation more convenient. Once all the contaminants have been removed, it’s time for thorough removal of the old insulation. This step requires a checklist of things to have for successful removal. A key recommendation is to use a specialized HEPA-filter rated, high-powered, large capacity insulation removal vacuum.


It is also very important to wear the right protective clothing, goggles, and a quality respirator or dust mask before starting. Keep in mind that some attic spaces are smaller which makes navigating an insulation removal vacuum a bit more difficult. If the space is small enough for a person to get in, use a rope, and tie it to the vacuum and carefully pull it as it sucks up the old insulation. Dispose of the old insulation responsibly using sealable, large heavy-duty trash bags. After all, you don’t want the insulation to get loose and float around your house.


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