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Why and When You Should Clean Your Ducts

May 08, 2019

If indoor environments are not well maintained there are various health consequences that can occur. In fact, research suggests that indoor air can contain more pollutants than outdoor air. To ensure that indoor areas are free of any harmful pollutants, air duct cleaning equipment should be used to remove any traces of dirt from air ducts. To help you get started, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about air duct cleaning.


Moving to a New Home

Unless the home you’re moving to is completely brand new, it’s highly recommended that the air ducts are cleaned and inspected. Since you don’t know the previous homeowners and are blissfully unaware of their habits, you should assume that the air ducts aren’t clean. It’s also worth noting that houses that have remained on the market for a long time without a buyer will have accumulated large quantities of bacteria and other foreign substances inside the air ducts.


Energy Savings

Improper air duct maintenance will result in failures for both cooling and heating systems. Repairing these systems is very expensive and replacing them entirely can cost thousands of dollars. This can all be avoided if the air ducts are properly maintained and cleaned.


Foreign Objects and Smells

Air ducts are a common location for insects and rodents. As a result, fecal matter and other harmful microorganisms start to form inside the ducts. As time passes, mould and bad odours will start to exist which can cause the air quality to decrease substantially. If this problem escalates, proper air duct cleaning equipment such as duct vacuums will be necessary to thoroughly clean the entire air duct system.


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