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Duct Cleaning Vacuum Considerations

October 04, 2016

When restoring your clogged duct systems, you will need reliable equipment such as the duct cleaning vacuum. In addition to duct cleaning vacuum systems, tools such as dirt abrasion brushes and polishing equipment will ensure that all surfaces within the duct are properly cleaned. It is also important to note that not every equipment is best suited to clean your HVAC system, so consult with a specialist before undertaking this task.

Nature of contaminants

Accumulated debris may at times lower the efficiency of your duct system, so these need to be regularly removed. The cleaning process may take many forms involving a number of different duct cleaning vacuum related technologies aimed at removing dirt and debris. Some processes aim at creating negative pressure on the surface of the ducts while others aim at totally removing the contaminants through abrasive methods. There are others that focus on combining both techniques into a hybrid system for removing the dirt. The choice of the best of these technologies depends on several factors including the type and use of the HVAC system.

Scale of application

When used on a commercial scale, HVAC systems require regular inspection and maintenance as opposed to private application in residential places. The consequence is that more rigorous servicing arrangements need to be in place when running the duct systems on a commercial scale such as an office, a warehouse, or a large retail store. Each of these advanced applications increase the system’s exposure to contaminants and more debris as opposed to the case of residential applications where dust and other contaminants can be easily eradicated through preventive mechanisms.

Availability of professional restoration services

A professional HVAC restorer is a certified technician mandated with the responsibility of restoring, servicing, and maintaining the systems to their normal working condition. The restorer might be an agent appointed by your manufacturer or a trusted technician in your city offering an industrial standard of duct restoration services. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd, a trusted professional duct restorer, remains committed to delivering the best value at all times. Our customers are assured of getting exceptional duct cleaning vacuum services that suit their unique requirements.