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2 Most Important Pieces of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

March 09, 2020

We all want to stay comfortable and warm during cold months and cool during hot summer days. However, debris build-up can take its toll on your air conditioning system, rendering your equipment useless at times when you need them most. The use of powerful air duct cleaning equipment on a regular basis can help prevent any potential issues that might arise with your air conditioning system. The two most important pieces of equipment you will need to perform regular cleaning of your air duct are a duct cleaning vacuum and an air compressor.


Duct Cleaning Vacuum


Having a vacuum as part of your air duct cleaning equipment arsenal can be extremely helpful if you have a clog in your duct. With the vacuum at work, you can swiftly clear the air duct of debris that is blocking the passageway. The vacuum should be able to suck up debris without any issues, as long as you have the right attachments specific for your needs. You just have to know what tool is required and where you need it to go inside your air duct. You can also consider getting an attachment that comes with a telescopic tool that can reach into tight areas where the debris build-up is possible.


Powerful Air Compressor

Apart from a vacuum, another type of air duct cleaning equipment you need to have is an air compressor that can powerfully get rid of the stubborn blockage in the duct. With just a simple hose attachment, it can enable you to blow out air at a high speed. You can easily push out the air contaminants that are blocking your air duct, giving you fresher and healthier indoor air quality. As long as you have the right attachment and tool, it will be easy to use the air compressor to effectively clean out your air duct.