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When Does Wet Insulation Require Complete Removal?

July 20, 2023

Attic insulation is necessary to maintain the temperature of any household. It can be installed via an insulation-blowing machine, and if required, uninstalled using an insulation removal vacuum. In many cases, if the insulation gets wet, it is recommended to remove and replace them right away. However, there are some cases where they can be salvaged. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a premier supplier of insulation removal vacuum and duct cleaning equipment, will address how to know if insulation can be saved or not.


Types Of Insulation


Cellulose Loose-Fill Insulation


These are a form of loose, grey insulation made of plant fibres. Although it is a more eco-friendly choice, they are known for absorbing water very fast. If there is limited moisture, this is a good thing. But if there is a water leak, then it can cause a lot of water retention, leading to mould growth in a matter of days instead of weeks. Hence, if the affected area is not small, the entire insulation needs to be removed with an insulation removal vacuum.


Fibreglass Batts


These are more conventional, pink insulation found in most households. Since it is a synthetic material, it doesn’t absorb water like cellulose. So for minor soaking or water leaks, it can be dried out in an attic fan and there will only be a minor drop in performance. However, if it is completely drenched in water, it’s best to remove it entirely as well, or else you risk rotting the wood beneath the insulation. 


Therefore, in both cases, minor water leaks and seepages can be dealt with easily and insulation removal is recommended only if the damage is extensive.


Are you looking for a quality insulation-blowing machine or removal vacuum? Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. can help. We are a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high-quality and durable air-handling equipment. Contact us today to place an order or an inquiry.