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How Does An Insulation Blowing Machine Work?

June 21, 2022

Insulating your house is vital to saving on your energy bills. The economical and utilitarian benefits of insulation are many. Attic insulation is essential for ensuring thermal comfort for the residents of a home. 

There are different types of insulation materials like cellulose, glass wool, and rock wool used for loose-fill insulation. For spray-foam insulation, closed-cell foam and open-cell foams are preferred.

Spray foam guns are relied upon by contractors for spray foam insulation. As far as blown-in or loose-fill insulations are concerned, insulation blowing machines are effective and widely preferred by contractors.

In this blog, we discuss how insulation blowing machine works.


The machine used for insulation blowing makes the work of the contractors easy. The machine is designed to break up insulation materials and ensure uniformity in the size of insulation spread throughout the attic.

Compressed air generated by the motor in the machine makes the entire insulation blowing technique faster. The compressor creates a strong enough air pressure for the insulation to be blown from the machine's chamber, and through the hose.

Depending on the size of the machine, it can be either portable or truck-mounted. Gas and electric-powered insulation blowing machines are popular among contractors. However, for a larger attic that requires more insulation than a smaller space, gas-powered machines are preferred as they are more powerful. 

Modern machines for blowing insulation come with great features like being able to adjust the speed rate and adaptability to different insulation materials. It is important to note that the operator often chooses the flow rate depending on the insulation type and the cavity size that needs to be filled.

Following are some of the significant benefits of using the machine for insulation blowing:

  • Fill in all areas of the attic equally
  • The otherwise tiresome job of attic insulation is made easier
  • Quick insulation
  • Breaks down bundled insulation with uniformity

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