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Duct Cleaning Equipment: Their Simple Use Achieves Healthy Indoor Air

March 29, 2018

Studies show that a significant number of cases of allergies are due to poor quality of indoor air. The air we breathe indoors can be more than 30 times more polluted than the air outside if the ventilation and duct system is not properly cared for.


It is therefore very important to always keep the indoor air quality clean and safe. The most effective way to this is by removing the source of impurities. These are often found in the ductworks of a building’s ventilation system. High quality duct cleaning tools from Heat Seal can clean ducts efficiently and quickly. They are made from durable materials to give you lasting service, capable of cleaning even the most intricate and hard to reach parts in ducts.


Using the right duct cleaning tools will not only clean the air in your home or business, but will also lower overhead expenses in cooling and heating.


Efficiency decreases when ducts are contaminated with dust, dirt and other debris. This can lead to health issues and can even become a fire hazard.


These risks can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance of the ducts. Duct cleaning tools include a suction hose, crimpers, rippers, hand seamers, vacuums and compressors. The vacuums provide a negative pressure to the ducts, taking out all the debris without too much labor. The type of vacuum is specially designed for this specific task and is not the same as most types of vacuum cleaners.


Air compressors are also one of the most widely used duct cleaning equipment. They throw blasts of compressed air for easy cleaning of ducts which scrubs the ducts and shafts where the debris collected.


Your enterprise can get all these duct cleaning tools from Heat Seal Equipment. We strive to offer complete supply options for duct cleaning professionals and contractors with different machines powered by electric, gas and diesel. We supply a full range of quality tools and accessories for all your duct cleaning needs.   


We can also design and manufacture compact truck or van mounted and portable vacuums.


Contact Heat-Seal today to request a consultation, or visit us to see our full range of duct cleaning equipment.