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2 Reasons To Use Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags

July 12, 2022

Insulating is one of the major aspects to take care of before you move into a new house. Even if you have been living in the same place for many years, ensuring your insulation is in good condition is absolutely vital. This is because poor or damaged insulation can lead to increased energy consumption.

When a house is poorly insulated, there might be leaks from where the heated or cooled air escapes. Such leaks put increased pressure on the HVAC system. Insulation contractors rely on a wide range of tools and equipment to pull out the old insulation from your attic and replace it with new ones. The use of insulation removal vacuum bags is common during this process.


Why is it important to use insulation removal bags?


Safety is the first and foremost reason for using insulation removal bags. Cellulose and fiberglass are the two most common types of insulation. Contractors use insulation removal vacuums to pull out old insulation. If there is no dedicated bag that can store the insulation being pulled by vacuum, it can get messy. Cellulose and fiberglass can cause allergies and irritation if breathed in by the workers. Using top-quality insulation removal vacuum bags ensures that the insulation is safely disposed of.

Apart from the safety of workers, taking care of the environment is another reason contractors always use insulation removal bags. If not disposed of responsibly, insulation can cause air and soil pollution. If the insulation bags used by contractors are of poor quality, there is a chance that it will break and release harmful insulation material into the environment.


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