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3 Questions to Ask Your Insulation Removal Equipment Supplier

December 20, 2022

The success of any insulation removal job depends on the equipment used to complete the project. As an insulation removal contractor, you want to make sure that you use only top-quality equipment from a trusted supplier. But how do you choose the right supplier? In this blog, we will provide questions to ask insulation removal equipment suppliers.


Questions to Ask Insulation Removal Equipment Suppliers


Ask if they are manufacturers or distributors

While there are numerous air-handling equipment distributors out there, not all of them stand behind their products. That’s why choosing a company that designs and manufactures its own equipment can be a more reliable option. Such companies know their products very well and can guide you on all aspects of use and maintenance as well as supply all the necessary replacement parts. 


Ask if they provide equipment maintenance and support

An important aspect to consider when choosing an insulation removal equipment supplier is whether maintenance and support are provided if the equipment requires repairs. Insulation removal vacuums are very sophisticated pieces of equipment, so being stuck with a malfunctioning machine that no one in the company knows how to fix is something you don’t want to find yourself dealing with. 


Ask if they supply tune-up parts and replacements to go with the vacuum

An insulation removal vacuum requires regular maintenance and upkeep. That's why it is important to order replacement parts that match the machine. Moreover, it is critical that your supplier always has the replacement parts available for order and can ship them right away, especially during busy seasons when you get many service requests. Ask your provider if replacement parts or refills such as insulation removal vacuum bags and suction hoses can be ordered and shipped within the shortest possible time. 


It is a common practice to order supplies from multiple providers. However, you need to make sure they are the ones you can trust and can turn to in the event of equipment malfunction or when you need to refill parts. 

Heat Seal is a trusted air-handling equipment supplier serving clients since 1975. We design and manufacture our line of products and provide tune-up and replacement parts. With some of our machines still in use after 30 years of active service, we can confidently say that we make equipment that lasts. Contact us today to get an estimate or browse our selection of equipment and inquire about a product of your interest.