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Considering Air Duct Cleaning Equipment?

January 11, 2017

Air duct cleaning equipment refers to any type of professional tools used when servicing a duct system.

These tools can be classified into several distinct classes, depending on their use during the exercise. Some of the equipment is used in the pre-cleaning preparation process, while other types are utilized during the cleaning process directly. The level of sophistication of each class of tools greatly depends on the envisioned use during the design as well as their recommended application in maintaining a duct.

Types of air duct cleaning equipment:

The primary class of pre-access tools includes the tools used for accessing and inspecting the state of the duct prior to commencing the work. The air duct cleaning equipment in this class include both technical optical tools for imaging and navigating the interior parts of the duct as well as visualizing their state before embarking on the cleaning procedure.

Another class of air duct cleaning equipment helps technicians restore dirty ducts to their normal working condition by removing all dirt while ensuring that the surfaces remain clean and dry. These range from simple hand-held tools to complex and highly sophisticated truck-mounted equipment that facilitate the cleaning and removal of any dirt, debris and contaminants likely to be harbored within the duct system. Common examples of these tools include pneumatic mechanized devices, vacuum collectors, duct cleaning rods, specialty brushes, air compressors and any other equipment used in dislodging and removing dirt from the air duct system.    

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