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Three Important Air Duct Cleaning Tools to Keep On Hand

March 16, 2018

It is important to clean your air ducts reasonably frequently to prevent accumulation of dust, dirt, molds, microorganisms, and some other harmful or detrimental buildups. These types of accumulation can cause health problems as you inhale more than just air, and can also result in your heating, ventilation, and air control systems slowing down, requiring more energy to work through the blockades – which costs you more money in the long run. Fortunately, air duct cleaning tools from Heat Seal are more than enough to get the job done.


Your tool supply for air duct cleaning tools should always include a few items:


  • Air Compressor - The constant flow of highly pressurized air makes an incredible difference in the speed and efficiency at which your ducts can be cleaned. These work excellently in tandem with our heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for any thorough job.
  • Vacuum Machines - Naturally, it is very important to have the right vacuum as one of your air duct cleaning tools. A number of our vacuums are portable, for localized use, while others are heavy and much stronger, for industrial-sized jobs. Our vacuums can also be powered by gas or electricity, depending on your own convenience and budget.
  • Filtrations and Hoses - After your ducts are clear, a strong hose is important for catching particles taken from your ducts. Filtration systems can be used as a further layer of protection against build-up and intrusion.


Whether you need air duct cleaning tools for commercial or residential purposes, you can trust that we at Heat Seal Equipment can help you find exactly what you need to have a complete set of tools for regular cleaning. Feel free to contact us any time to learn more about our extensive inventory, and to discover which options would be the best choices for your facility.